Dime Store Detroit Brunch Restaurant Logo

719 Griswold Street #180
Detroit, MI 48226
Inside the Chrysler House


Open Everyday
8am – 3pm
Dine In & Carry Out


(313) 962-9106
No Reservations



Dime Store Detroit Brunch Restaurant Interior at Half Capacity

A Note about Weekend Dining with Limited Capacity

Hi, friends! With the state’s limited capacity rules, we’re down to just 8 tables — less than half of our regular seating capacity. On the weekend, we fill up fast and the wait gets longer throughout the day — frequently upwards of two hours.

When the wait exceeds our closing time, we will stop taking names on the waitlist. This often happens on Saturday and Sunday around 1pm. We know this can be frustrating, especially when you’re hungry! We’re doing the best we can, but please understand we’re limited by MIHHS rules.

If you’re headed downtown for weekend brunch, we encourage you to give yourself lots of extra time. Put your name in with our host and walk around our fair city. We will text you when your table is ready.

If you just can’t wait, we get it! Here are a few other weekend brunch places in Detroit that may be able to accommodate you.