Dime Store Dishes up the Best Brunch in Michigan According to LoveFood.com

BLTE and Bacon Avocado Omelette at Dime Store Detroit Brunch Restaurant
Dime Store is the Best Brunch in Michigan, According to LoveFood.com

If you’re a brunch afficionado, look no further. LoveFood.com is serving up its latest listicle covering the best brunch in every state. Winning the top spot in Michigan is downtown Detroit brunch restaurant, Dime Store.

The reputation of this Detroit brunch bar precedes it and one glance at the mouthwatering menu is enough to see why. Since it opened downtown in 2014, Dime Store has been dishing out tasty eggs Benedict, omelettes, waffles and French toast. Looking for something with that extra oomph? Check the chef’s specials.

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P.S. Thank you kindly for the recognition, LoveFood.com!