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719 Griswold Street #180
Detroit, MI 48226
Inside the Chrysler House


Open Everyday
8am – 3pm
Carry Out & Curbside Pickup Only


(313) 962-9106
No Reservations



Dime Store's Duck Reuben Sandwich

Core Detroit Raves about Dime Store’s Duck Reuben Sandwich

While we’ve had a few folks express their utter glee approval of our Duck Reuben Sandwich (see above), Core Detroit’s Kat Rembacki puts it quite aptly in her recent review of Dime Store:

“The concept is great, the execution is even better. Its perfect texture and incredible flavor will make you want to hug your server and weep with ecstasy. Why has no one made this sandwich before?”

And in case you’re not feeling the unctuous deliciousness of confit duck leg combined with the bright pickle-y goodness of red cabbage (are you sure?!), Kat suggests trying Dime Store’s healthier options.

From our smile-worthy Steel Cut Oatmeal and rise-and-shine Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, to our double rainbow Beets & Squash Sandwich and Sweet Poached Pear Salad so good you’ll wanna smack yo’ mama, Dime Store has lots of guilt-free, but oh-so-satisfying treats to enjoy.

Stay classy, Detroit! And thanks for stopping by, Core Detroit!