Dime Store Staffers Featured in Free Press Bike to Work Story

Bikes by @-justin.detroitbikecity on Instagram

If you didn’t know it already, a new moniker is being forged for our fair metropolis: “Detroit Bike City.” If you look around, it’s not hard to see why.

Bike racks are full, local bars don old Schwinns as decor, and every now and then if you peer out your city window at night, you’ll see pairs of lighted wheels spinning brightly down the street.

It’s a lifestyle, a movement, a community. And it’s one in which many Dime Store staffers take part on a daily basis.

Just ask Dime Store server/barista, Kira Berberich, and cook, Justin Dorris, who bike to work each day and were recently featured in the Detroit Free Press story, “Bike to Work Day is every day for some Detroit cyclists.”

These young Detroiters don’t stop at just a daily commute. You’ll also find Kira, Justin, bartender Big Mike Torres and Executive Chef Josh Taylor every Monday night riding through the streets of Detroit as part of the very popular Slow Roll.

So wheel on by Dime Store some time to chat with our bicycling enthusiasts and discover why Detroit Bike City isn’t a tagline likely to disappear any time soon.

P.S. Congrats on the story, Kira and Justin!