Dime Store - Downtown Detroit Restaurant

American Brunch Bar serving breakfast, lunch and booze

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Only in Your State: 12 Detroit Restaurants to Try Before You Die

January 8, 2017
Dime Store Breakfast Special: S'more Waffle

Dime Store Chef’s Special: S’more Waffle

If you’ve ever wandered into an online forum about Detroit, or our favorite, the Detroit subreddit, you’ll find one of the most frequently asked questions is some variation of “I’m in Detroit. Where should I eat?” (like this post, this post or this post).

And we get it. Whenever we find ourselves in a new or unfamiliar place (and pretty much all day, everyday), food is first and foremost on our minds, too.

Some folks seek out the city’s latest hotspots, while others set their sights on local, tried-and-true favorites. If you’re in the latter group, a new listicle from Only in Your State covering 12 Detroit Restaurants You Have To Visit Before You Die is for you.

Among the hometown favorites listed is downtown Detroit restaurant, Dime Store, which writer Sophie Boudreau notes:

“You’ve never been to a restaurant quite like this delightful spot on Griswold Street.”

Serving up “Breakfast, Lunch & Booze” seven days a week, Dime Store has Detroiters raving about its scratch-made brunch dishes, including the popular Duck Bop Hash, Smoked Salmon Benny, Duck Reuben Sandwich and Spicy Korean Fries.

Thank you, Only in Your State, for including us among such scrumptious company. We’re honored to be mentioned alongside such venerable Detroit institutions, let alone considered bucket list-worthy!

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