The Perfect First Date Spot in Downtown Detroit

Dime Store Detroit Brunch Restaurant Logo with Heart

Next time you’re pondering the best restaurant in Detroit for a first date, think Dime Store.

Reddit user, @self-assigned, recently asked his fellow Detroit Redditors, “Where do you recommend a guy take a girl in the downtown area for a first date?

There were a lot of great answers, including this one from @JuanJSchmidt:

“If it’s a first date I’d say try the Dime Store or Wright & Co, leaning more towards Dime Store as it is a little more laid back.”

@self-assigned opted for Dime Store and was pleased with his choice, commenting:

“Went to the Dime Store last night and we had a great time. The grilled chicken sandwich is delicious! Thanks for the recommendation!”

There you have it, Detroit… an upvote for Dime Store. Redditors always welcome.