Dime Store’s Duck Bop Hash is the Best Egg Dish in Michigan According to Eat This, Not That!

Duck Bop Hash at Dime Store Detroit Brunch Restaurant

As an all-day brunch restaurant, we like to think of ourselves as experts in all things egg (AKA “eggsperts”). If you ask us for food recommendations, we’re going to invariably suggest you put an egg on it. That’s just how we roll.

Dime Store's Duck Bop Hash
Dime Store’s Duck Bop Hash

So when the number one nutrition brand and top five food brand — Eat This, Not That! — names one of our signature egg dishes the best in all of Michigan, we can’t help but get super eggscited. According to ETNT:

“Detroit’s Dime Store has a special dish called the Duck Bop (Hash) that you have to give a whirl. Made using house-confit duck leg, spinach, onion, pickled vegetables, sriracha sauce, and Korean barbecue sauce, this tasty dish blows all the other breakfasts you’ve had before out of the water.”

Thanks so much for the nod, Eat This, Not That. We appreciate being included in such eggscellent company. Eggsplore the best egg dishes in every state here.