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The New York Times: ’36 Hours in Detroit’

May 11, 2017
Dime Store Breakfast Special: Lemon Curd Waffle

Dime Store Chef’s Special: Lemon Curd Waffle

Writer for The New York Times, John L. Dorman, spent 36 Hours in Detroit exploring art, food and a little bit of Motor City history.

Dorman’s weekend tour included stops at the iconic Motown Museum, Buddy’s Pizza and Lafayette Coney Island, as well as Sunday brunch at downtown Detroit restaurant, Dime Store, which he describes as a “crowd pleaser.”

“Dime Store is the rare creative brunch spot that can win over skeptics,” writes Dorman. “The atmosphere is festive, so naturally the space fills up fast.”

Thanks for stopping by, John! We’re delighted we could make your trip to the D just a little bit tastier.

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