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Yelp’s Top 50 Best Restaurants in Detroit 2017

March 13, 2017

Yelp's Top 50 Best Restaurants in Detroit 2017Popular consumer reviews site, Yelp, recently put together a list of its Top 50 Best Restaurants in Detroit based on average star ratings and number of reviews in the Food or Restaurant category.

Coming in fittingly at the #10 spot with nearly 600 reviews and an average star rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars as of this posting is downtown Detroit restaurant, Dime Store. Also in the top 10:

Yelp’s Top 10 Best Restaurants in Detroit

  1. Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño, Southwest
  2. Taqueria El Rey, Southwest
  3. Batch Brewing Company, Corktown
  4. Supino Pizzeria, Eastern Market
  5. Chartreuse, Midtown
  6. Selden Standard, Midtown
  7. Standby, Downtown
  8. Giovanni’s Ristorante, Southwest
  9. The Jamaican Pot, Northwest
  10. Dime Store, Downtown

Head over to the Yelp Blog for the full Top 50 Best Places to Eat in Detroit List, and don’t forget to bookmark it so you have tasty suggestions on-hand for your next meal out — and dining ideas that will last you all year long.

Thank you, Yelp Community, for all your kind words and support. As a small, local business, we depend on constructive guest feedback to make improvements and become a better restaurant for you and all of Detroit.

Stay delicious, Detroit. ~ Peace, Love & Bacon

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